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Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency

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Information of Criminal Cases Procedure

  • Driver of Accident
  • Report of Accident to Police
  • Site Mobilization
  • Site Inspection and Accident Investigation
    • Accident with no prosecution rights,general traffic accidents[insured, agreement]
    • Offender>Notify insurance company Produce Insurance certificate Defendant>Medical Certificate Invoice of cost damages
    • Stickers issued by Police Returning Licenses
    • Driver is free to go
    • Accident with prosecution rights [runaways, death, violation of the 10major rules, no insurance(no agreement)]
    • Offender >Notify insurance company Writing Statement Produce Insurance certificate Defendant>Medical Certificate Invoice of cost damages
      • Prosecution Investigation
      • Imprisonment
      • Non-prosecution Investigation
      • Drivers free to go
    • Court Decision
Traffic Accident Procedures

Procedure for Drivers and Passengers

  • Stop immediately, and take immediate action, such as rescuing any injured party.
  • Report to the nearest Police Station. (Branch Office or Police Station)

Report Content

  • Location of accident
  • Number of injured persons and medical condition
  • Damaged goods and condition
  • Other related details

Prohibition and Disturbance of Traffic Accident Procedure

- At the time of the accident the accident vehicle concerned party cannot intervene. with the driver's accident procedures.

Both parties concerned must demonstrate moral ethics when dealing with each other, regardless of the legal procedures of the accident.

At any time a person witnesses a hit and run driver, that person should report the make of the vehicle, registration number and the vehicle's color, and any other related details to 112.

At the accident site, smoking or lighting matches is prohibited in case there is any oil leakage or chemicals on board.

First Aid for Injured Passengers

If there is injured parties, the driver or other parties, should take the injured party to the nearest hospital, or wait until the paramedics or doctors arrive.

In the case of Unconscious parties, the throat should be cleared of any objects

In the case of a party not breathing, perform CPR

In the case of any fractured parties, they should be left, as any further movement could worsen the condition. Avoid touching any fractured parts of the body.


Out of the petition currently under process or already completed, if there is any unfair investigation, (bias, forced investigation, purposeful delay) an appeal can be made directly to the police station.

Applicable Appeals

The result of the investigation and disobedience of the results of the traffic accident


According to the order received the site will be reexamined with the new evidence and any initial investigation resources.

Application and Information

Inspection Officer in charge of Regional Police Agencies or the Appeal Center for Traffic Affairs.

Classification & Contacts
Classification Contacts
Traffic Safety Section 055-284-3344

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